BlogPaws 2012 – The Power of YouTube

Paige and I have just returned from a wonderful time in Salt Lake City, Utah! What were we up to, you ask? We were at BlogPaws, a conference for pet bloggers and pet social media enthusiasts. We spent three whole days attending sessions, showing off our dog trick talents, and networking with a bunch of amazing people and pet brands.

We were joined by my good friend, CJ, and her six year old havanese, Jasmine. CJ is also a YouTuber who trains her pup to do some amazing tricks!

CJ and Jasmine (left), Lauren and Paige (right)

It was our second time attending a conference together where we presented a talk about the media success we’ve had with our dogs via YouTube.  We don’t assume to be experts, but we did have some tips for those who are looking to make their pet the next YouTube sensation!

Jasmine and Paige Sitin’ Pretty in the Conference Room Before Our Session!

  • Getting Started: Have a plan!  Brainstorm a plot or make a drawing board to hash out ideas. This will save you time and also make your video more cohesive.
  • Get the Right Tools: Lighting, camera angles. make sure your subject(s) are lit appropriately, so the audience can clearly view your adorable pet! Although it seems obvious, good lighting and camera angles can make all the difference.
  • Training: Although not necessary to make a popular video of your pet, this can significantly improve your ability to script out a video with your pet as the main star! The more behaviors and cues your dog knows, the more your dog will be able to “act” in your video! Even a sit/stay will help you film some great shots of your pup!
  • BE UNIQUE: This is the most important part of making a great YouTube video! Show your personality and your pet’s personality through your video. Make a video that YOU would enjoy watching. don’t just try to replicate what’s been done before or please the masses. If you enjoy heartfelt, emotional videos, create something that will elicit emotion from your audience. If you enjoy funny videos, film your pet’s hilarious antics or create a funny story line!

Once you have filmed and uploaded your video, here are some tips to help gain a viewership!

  • Market your video: Title, Keywords, and description.  Writing a good title can vastly affect your video’s click-through. You don’t want to make your title too generic, but you also don’t want to make it too descriptive. The goal should be to provide a descriptive title containing popular keywords.  The less work someone has to do to find your video, the better chance of producing something “viral”. You should include the title in both the keywords and the video description.
  • Use your resources: Contact related bloggers and forums, post and tag your video on related pet sites using all your social media outlets.

If you follow this advice, you’ll be sure to increase your chances of creating a hit Youtube video.

Good luck!

Lauren & Paige



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