Paige’s PetMeds Commerical

Paige recently had the opportunity to star in a PetMeds commercial all the way in Evansville, IN.  Some of you might remember that Paige has previously been in a PetMeds commercial.  Although this was her second time working on the set in Evansville, she was excited as ever to show off her talents! Paige’s part consisted of interacting with her on-screen mom, Kourtney and her on-screen dad, Chris. Not only that, but she had to pull a dog biscuit out of a PetMeds box and hold it (like she did in the first commercial). This behavior can always prove to be challenging, as dogs naturally want to eat the treat, but Paige pulled it off wonderfully! She definitely stole the show!

We were very lucky to see our friends Heather and Jesse (the Jack Russell terrier). Jesse is a very talented little guy who won PetMed’s Facebook photo contest this year.

Paige and I would like to thank the Oswald Communications team for being so welcoming and supportive. It was such a wonderful experience!

Below are some pictures that were taken during the filming.  Enjoy!

ImagePaige with her on-screen mom, Kourtney!

ImagePaige with her on-screen dad, Chris!ImageThe PetMeds Family!


beautiful ladies


lights, camera, action!

ImagePaige’s on-screen grandma

Image…and grandpa!


Paige relaxing with her co-star

Imageme with the talent!

ImageJesse and Paige


setting up for the next scene

Imageafter a full day of shooting