Skills and Tricks


List of skills and tricks:

  • Basic obedience (heel, sit, down, stay, come, stand, watch me, finish)
  • Works reliably off leash both indoors and outdoors
  • Cues come, down, sit, stay with hand signal only
  • Retrieve objects, retrieve over high jump
  • Directed Retrieve (dog is sent to retrieve only one of the 3 indicated gloves)
  • Scent discrimination (dog is sent to retrieve only the article scented by the handler)
  • Send out (handler signals dog to run out to the other side of the ring, turn around and sit on verbal cue)
  • Directed Jumping (on the handler’s signal, the dog will jump one of the two jumps present)
  • Drop on recall
  • Stand for exam
  • Target/touch object or location with nose or paw
  • Hold an object in mouth
  • Roll over
  • Jump through hoops or over hurdles (can jump through arm or leg circle)
  • Cover your nose
  • Raise right/left paw
  • Right/left spin
  • Sit Pretty/Beg
  • Play dead
  • Hug (puts head on my shoulder)
  • Kiss
  • Circle around me/around object
  • Circle around me backwards
  • Pivot around with front or back feet on stool
  • Jumps rope with me
  • Balance object on nose and catch in mouth
  • Bow
  • Walk on hind legs
  • Hop on hind legs
  • Wave paw
  • Walk on hind legs while balancing object on nose
  • Weave through legs
  • Weave backwards through legs
  • Back up
  • Scoot back (in bow position)
  • Clean up toys into toy box
  • Open/close doors
  • Say your prayers
  • Roll yourself in a blanket
  • Crawl
  • Picks up trash, presses trash can peddle with paw, and places trash inside
  • Opens refrigerator, takes out/puts in object
  • Loves to play Frisbee, will jump/flip and catch discs in the air or from my hand
  • Stand on my back (back stall)
  • Jump into my arms
  • Speak
  • Cry/whine
  • Color/Paint on paper
  • Laundry trick (drags basket to machine and loads drier with clothes)
  • Waffle in toaster trick (Opens refrigerator, takes out waffle, places in toaster, presses lever down, waits with head down, pops lever up, takes waffle and places on a plate)
  • Blows bubbles (puts nose in bowl of water, blows air bubbles out of nose)

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